Yellow Prom Dresses

In our last post looking at sexy prom dresses, we touched on a few of the hottest trends and rules to follow.  However one trend which is sweeping like wild fire that we thought deserved its post of its own is yellow prom dresses.  Yellow is bright and vibrant colour and has the potential to make you stand out from the crowd on your special night.  Some of you might be thinking, yellow? How am I meant to pull off yellow?  However the trend is about making yellow the feature but not letting it overwhelm!  Lets have a look at how to make yellow prom dresses work for you.

Yellow prom dresses – ways to make it work

subtle toned yellow prom dresses Yellow Prom DressesFirstly lets look at a way to make it fit in a subtle way.  Bold doesn’t have to be the only way to make yellow prom dresses work for you.  There are plenty of soft and subtle tones of yellow which make a girl look delicate and pretty.  Pictured here is a dress showing how soft yellow is combined with a beautiful clean white tone to give a beautiful look.    Make this outfit complete with some white or nude coloured heels and accessorize with silver hoops.  To spice this look up go the tones with a cut out section and walk with confidence!

bold yellow prom dresses 229x300 Yellow Prom DressesWanting to branch out into yellow prom dresses that hold a little bolder colour?  A block coloured piece could be just the look you were after.  This dress features a look with a bottom half with bold yellow and a plunge line in softer colours.  The dress is balanced by the presence of softer colours, yet ensures that the focus is kept on the great mustard yellow colour.  So if you are daring enough, try out yellow prom dresses just like this one!  You are guaranteed to steal the show by being bold, elegant and sexy.

The boldest of all yellow prom dresses

yellow prom dresses with prints Yellow Prom DressesThe third and final of our yellow prom dresses look is to combine yellow with bold prints.  Prints are unlimited these days and range from tiger, leopard, striped and many more.  So find a print you love and combine it with a wonderful colour.  We found this wonderful feather print and think the colours in it and complimented and enhanced by the shade of yellow its combined with.  You can see here that yellow is not actually the colour featured most on the dress however you’re eye is still very much attracted towards it.  So bring yellow prom dresses to life by adding your favourite print in with the mix.

There you have it!  The secret to making your prom dress is out, and yellow prom dresses are in!  No matter whether its subtle or bold, yellow can work for anyone and make your dress unique and fabulous in which you are sure to stand out from the crowd.  So when hunting for your dress for the big night keep these ideas in mind, and tweek it suit you!  Any fabulous finds we would love to hear about.  Send in your pictures of you in a fabulous prom dress for your chance to be featured on the site!

To the glamorous life!

The Red Carpet Dresses Shop Crew.

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  1. How fantastic do those yellow prom dresses look! Year 12 formals are happening soon, so this is great timing.

  2. The yellow prom dresses truly do look wonderful and would make great outfits for the photos too. Photos make wonderful memories for looking back so the choice of a prom dress is important. Great tips, thank you.

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      Thanks for stopping by Cherie, isnt technology wonderful these days that we can take hundreds of photos of an event easily! Makes looking back on these wonderful memories even better!

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