White Club Dresses

White club dresses will always be the envy of not only single women but married women the world over. This is not mainly due to the fact that they are mostly worn by celebrities but because these dresses always turn out to be both amazing and glamorous. You are sure to get them in varied designer labels, lengths and shapes. Most times, some women who would want to have this dress in their collection could not do so due to financial constraint but that is no longer an issue. Did I hear you ask how? Well, you can still achieve that amazing look associated with celebrities with one of our affordable and trendy white club dresses. You can be on your way to achieving that celebrity status with the following white club dress designs.

What are some fabulous white club dresses designs?

White Shoulder Rosette Mini Dress 226x300 White Club DressesThe first design to catch the eye  is the one shoulder Rosette mini dress. This is one dress amongst the white club dresses that will not stop catching people’s attention whenever it is worn. This dress is designed to be body hugging and fitted. It has a rosette attached to the left and only shoulder to add detailing. If you are the type of person who desires making fashion statement and looking like a celebrity wherever you go without spending a fortune, especially clubs, then this design will be a super fit for you. The length is another feature of this dress that makes it irresistibly beautiful and tempting. Stopping before your knees and showing off some portion of your thighs, you are surely going to create a unique sensation with this unique design among the several white club dresses you have.

white Studded Shoulder Tank Dress 231x300 White Club DressesThis second unique design has nothing dull or boring associated with it! Especially with with the studded shoulder detailing, you are sure to make every other girl in white within the club jealous of your outfit. The low cut neck gives you that super star celebrity look that cannot be equalled. The length is also perfect for a club dress since it stops before your knee and emphasises your hops, giving you that trendy look that is associated with classy white dresses. As you can see from the picture, dressing in this design of the white club dresses is one sure way to blow other people in the club away and make the other girls jealous. Best of all, the dress is very affordable which means, you don’t have to spend a fortune as the celebrities do just to look good to go to the club in a white dress.

White Stripe Bandage Tank Dress White Club DressesThe third look is the stripe bandage tank dress can never be left out in the list of the raving white club dresses that are trending now. It makes a unique fashion statement through the black stripes on the front of the dress. You can even see that the sleeves, neck and the lower side of the dress are all trimmed in black. With this design of the white club dresses, you are sure going to achieve that expensive price tag look without even spending up to one tenth of what such celebrity dress cost.

With the above designs, it becomes your option to become your very own celebrity by choosing any of the shown white club dresses and make both the boys and girls go wow at the club house. Go girl; get that celebrity look with affordable designs. 

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To the glamorous life!

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  1. These white club dresses look gorgeous. I especially like the top one. You would definitely have to have a nice figure to wear them though which mine has disappeared – maybe 10 years ago lol

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      White club dresses are just gorgeous arent they! Its to great how they come in all different shades of white (from bright/clean to cream/ivory and the different cuts as well! What stands out about the top one to you?

  2. Wilson says:

    Nice article about the different types of white club dresses you can find. I never knew there were so many different types of them. They look really pretty. I’m sure you will be the centre of attention just by wearing them in the clubs!


    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      They are really pretty arent they? I think most people think white is too hard to pull off and that its sometimes trashy, but the right cut and detailing makes you look a million dollars and definitely attract all the attention in the clubs as you say!

  3. Hilary says:

    White club dresses look amazing, and perfect now with the festive season upon us :).

    I know I always thought they were just for the young with the perfect figure, however I now realize that it is possible to wear at any age, it’s just making sure you choose the one that’s right for you – playing down the features you don’t want to focus on, and enhancing those that you do. With a little bit of help and support from an honest friend, it’s worth it!

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