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Everyone loves the look of red carpet dresses don’t they?  But most often it is pretty unrealistic to expect to pay the kinds of money that celebrities do to achieve their look.  Most of us are in the hunt for cheap party dresses that still look glamorous.  Therefore our team here at red carpet dresses is here to help you find those cheap party dresses that make you feel a million dollars!

Finding good cheap party dresses

Finding great cheap party dresses can be hard.  Firstly without having the large amount of money we often worry that the dresses we buy will look cheap.  However that doesn’t have to be the case!  Find the reputable places out there that have those cheap party dresses that don’t look cheap, but instead look amazing!  As mentioned in our previous post on getting the look of the red carpet dresses for less, there are such places out there!

Cheap party dresses for all occasions

casual cheap party dress Cheap party dressesIts all dependent on the type of dress you want, but for under $100 (often a lot less!) you can get amazing cheap party dresses to suit any occasion.  If the occasion you are going to is a party that is not so dressy, such as a house party, you might want to consider the look of a singlet dress with detailing.  The red singlet dress you can see on right is a great example of fantastic cheap party dresses for such an occasion.  Priced at $34.95, it has a great casual yet sexy appeal to it that is jazzed up through a zip up criss cross back.  This dress could be worn well with flats, or dressed up a little bit more with a great pair of heels.

clubbing cheap party dress Cheap party dressesIf you want to make a big night of it out with the girls and are possibly thinking of going out on the town and hitting the clubs, the image you want is more likely to be a little bit more dressy that of the previous look.  A great style this season is dual coloured strapless dresses.  As you can see in the picture on the left, the detailing of two contrasting colours makes a sleek and sexy cheap party dress that is fantastically suited to a night out in town.

cocktail cheap party dress Cheap party dressesThe third kind of cheap party dresses women are looking for is the cocktail event dress.  This kind of dress can sometimes be suited to going out and clubbing but is often associated with a more formal event.  The picture on the right shows a great cheap party dress that would be very suited to this kind of occasion.  The black upper region of the dress gives a great slimline feel and in black in particularly flattering against the contrast of the deep purple and ruffles.  For only $59.50 this dress is an amazing price for such a glamorous and expensive look that is easy to achieve.

So as you can see there are cheap party dresses out there for all occasions that don’t look as if they are cheap and nasty, but instead make you look glamorous, sexy and stylish for only a fraction of the price tag celebrities fork out.  So don’t punish yourself over the price, spoil yourself!

To the glamorous life!
The Red Carpet Dress Shop Crew

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Red Carpet Dresses – Get the look for less.

TED10401 Red Carpet Dresses   Get the look for less.A big part of our job here at the Red Carpet Dresses Shop is to research the current trends and fashions being worn by celebrities and bring our passion and findings to you!  As fans of the stylings of the red carpet, it is undoubted that not only do you like the fashion but you want it for yourself as well!  However how many of us can afford the thousand dollar price tag that goes along with this look?

That’s where our team fits in!  The Red Carpet Dresses Shop team is dedicated to finding those sites out there which provide that glamorous and sexy look at a price which is still flattering to the purse!  A great site we have come across which delivers beautiful products is Flirt Catalog.

Great deals for your red carpet glamour:

sequin dress Red Carpet Dresses   Get the look for less.As soon as we reviewed this site and it passed our test with flying colours we knew we had to share it with you!  We assess all sites based on price, variety and delivery, and this site came up on the glamorous side.  There are great products which start from a very affordable $25.00.

066960FL Red Carpet Dresses   Get the look for less.The site also offers a great amount of variety in their product.  The range is very impressive not only in shape (e.g. halters, strapless, minis, one shoulder and many more!) but also colours and embellishments.  You can see from the pictures we grabbed from the site that the range is quite wide from glitter dresses to sequin dresses to even chiffon dresses.

Finally we assessed delivery.  Not only do they offer a standard flat rate of $4.95 on US orders, delivery time is quite quick within a week to two.   A great bonus is that they often offer free shipping on orders over $50!  Also if you are an international buyer, delivery is set a flat rate so it’s worthwhile grabbing a few girlfriends together and splitting delivery across a shared postage!!!

So all up Flirt Catalog gets a five star glamour rating on offering the fabulous look of red carpet dresses for a lot less!  So be kind to your purses and spoil yourself at the same time!


To the glamorous life!
The Red Carpet Dress Shop Crew


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