Sexy Prom Dresses

Sexy prom dresses are something that all girls in their senior year dream about!  Teachers may like to think that is not the case and we should have all our heads buried in books all the time.  However the prom is the highlight of not only the year but of the entire time in high school!  Us girls have worked so hard all senior year, and if we have a school uniform especially its our time to shine as we have gone without getting time to glam up the way we wish we could.

So with such an importance on this main high school event, it is clear why we are all dreaming and searching for sexy prom dresses.  But with all the pressure to look amazing it can be hard to find something that is perfect and has that celebrity red carpet dresses quality whilst on an obvious student budget!  It can also be hard to know what is exactly appropriate to wear to prom.  So lets have a look at some sexy prom dresses that are out there and what options us girls have for the grand night!

Sexy prom dresses – to be long or short?

sexy prom dresses can be short Sexy Prom DressesI think that is the first question that comes to most of our minds.  It is a formal event after all so are short dresses appropriate?  Here at the red carpet dresses shop our verdict is absolute and one hundred percent YES.   There are short sexy prom dresses out there which are glamorous and completely appropriate for your big night.  The key is to pick the right length.  Don’t go too short!  The worst thing you can do is look cheap and nasty in front of classmates, teachers and potentially parents depending on the school you go to!

Something that is more of a cocktail length is sexy whilst classy and falls only a couple of inches above the knee.  Anything that’s shorter than this starts to be a bit too short!  Remember the rule as well as discussed when looking for clubbing dresses definitely applies here.  If you are going to show one asset, hide the other!  This means if you are going for the short dress to show your pins off, don’t show the bust, and vice versa!  As you can see from the short purple prom dress pictured here, you don’t need to show everything off to look fabulous and sexy!

long sexy prom dresses Sexy Prom DressesIf you go the long dress which is generally the more accepted option, stand out from the crowd.  Whilst long black dresses are always great, don’t stick to what the crowd will do.  Glam it up and stand out with fabulous and bold colours.  The pink dress pictured here shows that you can be bold in pink and still be very formal!  Sexy prom dresses don’t have to be generic, throw in stand out accessories, big earrings, bold heels (make sure you get inserts to dance the night away with!) and a fabulous clutch.

What’s fabulous this season for sexy prom dresses?

sexy prom dresses with lace Sexy Prom DressesThe big trend at the moment is lace.  Lace detailing or overlays and gives that pretty touch making you look soft yet stunning!  Especially with short sexy prom dresses, it can add that extra touch to make you seem a little less exposed, whilst still keeping your body outline visible!  This white lace dress paired with a great pair of black heels and fabulous earrings would make a great prom outfit that’s very on trend this season!

Now you are armed with some tips and options to make your prom night fabulous and all about you! Whether you are going long or short there are great sexy prom dresses out there that are stunning!  We wish you well on your hunt for the perfect dress, and remember if you have any questions about dresses you can contact us!  We know how hard it can be finding the one perfect dress so feel free to shoot an email via the contact us page.

To the glamorous life!

The Red Carpet Dresses Shop Crew.

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  1. Hilary says:

    Wow, there is some great information here on choosing a sexy prom dress! I love the lace look. I also think the long dress is beautiful. So often, the short dresses are considered the sexy ones, however I think the long one adds a real bit of glamor.

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      Thanks Hillary. Definitely agree that long dresses are very glamorous… I think especially it adds that celebrity red carpet dress feel, and isnt it great that lace is back in! beautiful options for prom dresses now!

  2. Doctor Bill says:

    Call me “old-fashioned ” (which I am !!! ), but I go for the long dresses. Much more flattering, glamourous and “formal”, which the “prom” always used to be. The short ones make me think the young lady is ready for tennis!
    I told you I am old fashioned !

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      Hi Bill, Im not so sure about the tennis outfits, however the long dresses are definitely glamorous!

  3. The girls dresses at my oldest son’s year 12 formal (a couple of years ago now) were absolutely amazing. There were long, short, very short, low at the front, low at the back, low front and back – in every colour and fabric you can think of. They all looked so glamorous – I wanted to be 17 again!

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      Its great seeing all the different styles isnt it! Definitely makes me wish we could have a prom every year to dress up for!

  4. Lisa Wood says:

    I love sexy prom dresses. Funny how the fashion goes through stages…when I was in year 10 many years ago the dresses were long and over the top! Now days its seems to be a individual choice of what style and colour suits each others taste! I love long dresses, but I have seen some girls wear short dresses and they so have the legs for it! My favorite dresses, are whatever style suits the person who is wearing it :)


    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      I think thats the great thing now is that there is more freedom and acceptance to wear whatever you like. Some people really dislike wearing short dresses so can go long, and vice versa. We are now free to do it our way and make our mark on the fashion world!

  5. Leo Bookham says:

    Congratulations on presenting all the options for such an important question for teenage girls. I have 3 daughters so I know how much thought they put into just what to wear on such an important occasion as their prom night.

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      thanks for stopping by Leo. Must be a bit tough with three daughters and all the fashion decisions to go through!

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