Red Carpet Dresses

Red carpet dresses are the envy of nearly every single woman on this planet! Maybe it is just because we always see them on our beloved celebrities, but they always seem so glamorous and wonderful. They come in so many different shapes and colours and often carry a designer label though, making them seem unobtainable to all of us who aren’t carrying that illusive celebrity status!

What is it that defines red carpet dresses?

red carpet dresses Red Carpet DressesBesides the fact that you see the celebrities wearing them at awards presentations, red carpet dresses can really be any sort of dress. They are not restricted at all by colour, ranging from pastels, to white and black to bold colours such as red and blue. Sometimes the brave even wear metallic colours such as purple! Celebrities also do not keep their dresses as simple as one colour, but splurge into fabulous patterns

Red carpet dresses are not restricted by length either. They range from full length to shin length, knee length, just above the knee and even the mini dress! Their outlines vary dramatically from the full hour glass, to strapless, strapped, a-line, halter-neck and the one shouldered red carpet dresses. Dresses can also be tight (seemingly almost a part of the body), free flowing or even a mixture of both such as the baby doll dress.

The dresses are anything but dull and boring especially with all the embellishments they have. This can include attached flowers, ruffles, lace, sheer sections, sequins, ribbons, jewels and pleating. And of course the clincher for the dress itself includes the accessories, such as hairdos, jewellery, the purses and of course the shoes! Basically as you can see from the pictures, there is no definition as to what constitutes red carpet dresses.

How do I get hold of red carpet dresses?

Firstly you can buy the actual dresses that the celebrities wear, however this option can cost you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. That is just for the dress, not even including the accessories! Alternatively, if you want the look without the excessive price tag, learn about your body shape and the styles that suit you! Find that illusive “million dollar dress” and feel like your wear one of those amazing red carpet dresses. Be your own celebrity today!

MPD11536 Red Carpet Dresses Red Carpet Dresses

To the glamorous life!
The Red Carpet Dress Shop Crew

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  1. Jenny Locke says:

    Fabulous. I love looking at red carpet dresses, always fun and a great talking point between the girls. Great site and look forward to the next post.

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      Thanks for stopping by Jenny. Red carpet dresses does always create a great conversation starter between the girls. Dont forget to look out for the new upcoming dresses of the oscars, the big predictions are red and gold colours with big jewels! Looking forward to it alot!

  2. Danielle Porter says:

    Hey Guys, this is brilliant.
    It is so hard to find good looking dresses without spending hundreds of dollars.
    Unfortunately, I just have a normal job and can’t afford that much.
    Thanks for your help, I’ll certainly being coming back to this site again.

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      It is always hard to watch the stars and thinking “I will never be able to afford to dress like that.” Luckily though Danielle, there are alot of sites which offer the look of glamour without the ridiculous price tags. Its worth checking out the link on our site bar. They have great dresses with all the celebrity glamour, for even $50 and less! Thanks for stopping by Danielle, looking forward to your future visits.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Not everyone knows how to dress according to their body shape, but so important to find outfits that are flattering and enhance our natural qualities. Also finding the right colors that match our skin type is equally important. Thanks for an informative post.

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      You have raised a great point there Carolyn, dressing to your skin type is very important. If you correctly learn how to match your tone to flattering colours, you are on the right path to dressing like a star!

  4. Lisa Wood says:

    Hello Red Carpet Dresses,

    I love looking in New Idea and Womens Weekly for the section at the back where they show the Red Carpet Dresses. Some of them are really beautiful and so amazing. Others I look at think “Did they not look in the mirror before leaving the house”!! Red Carpet Dresses is a great way to check out all the styles, colours and the best dresses for any body shape.


  5. Thanks for this site. I have really enjoyed looking around. I have to say that last nights premier red carpet dress event, The Oscars really showed some wonderful red carpet dresses from all the top designers.

    My favorite of the night was the gold dress with dangling jewels worn by co-host Anne Hathaway. She had no less than 8 costume changes, all of them beautiful!!

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      Thanks for dropping by Bev. The oscars really did show some amazing red carpet dresses, (and some not so amazing ones!) We are about to release our review of some of the picks of the Oscars night so Im sure you will enjoy seeing that one. Anne Hathaway was definitely a stand out, always maintaining beauty!

  6. Bronwyn says:

    Wow! Awesome site. Love it! Yes it may be a ‘girlie’ thing to admit, but I love looking at all these fashions (as we all probably do) and the glamour of the red carpet.
    Great site – thanks.

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      It most definitely is the girlie thing to do, but thats what we women love isnt it? Never be ashamed of a good look at the red carpet dresses fashion, its how we learn what works and what doesnt!

  7. I love looking at the dresses on the red carpet, they look so beautiful. I feel sorry for those celebrities though, that get put into dresses which are totally unflattering.

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      It is very unfortunate when celebrities get a fashion designer which has put them in a red carpet dress which is unflattering. All we can do is learn from this and not make the same mistakes they do!

  8. Black is always a great choice, though. For length, a good guideline is to not go too short.

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