Clubwear Dresses

Clubwear dresses, or clubbing dresses as some may call them are something women are always after.  Whether it’s a great dress for a night at the pub singing our hearts out, or an all night bender in a club where we are dancing it up with our girlfriends, we always want the illusive perfect dress.

What goes into the perfect clubwear dress?

Clubwear dresses can be hard to pick out, and who wants something that looks the same as the last time we went out.  None!  We want something that has the sexy factor whilst still looking like red carpet dresses.  By following the trend for this season, you will stand out from the crowd with the perfect clubwear dress!  The first trend you can follow is to grab a great print dress.

Cheetah print clubwear dresses Clubwear DressesSomething that continues to come back into fashion is the wonderful cheetah print dress!  You may be thinking, how do I make the cheetah print dress work without looking tacky?  Its not unreasonable to question this, as for a lot of us we vision a cougar overdoing it and showing off way too much skin!  Well it definitely doesn’t have to be like that.

Use the idea of the print without adding the tacky factor!  We love this great dress we found that’s pictured here which takes the form of the print, however has put great colour into it, and sectioned it to make it not feel overwhelming!  Its clubwear dresses like this that stand out from the average plain dress!  Change it up by not sticking to just the one print!  Be bold and try different prints such as zebra, floral, giraffe and leopard!

What other trends are hot for clubwear dresses?

The second clubwear dresses trend is one coloured dresses that add spice through textures!  ruched clubwear dresses Clubwear DressesThere are many textures to play with at the moment that are all hot and sexy and very on trend.  The trend pictured here is called ruching.  You can get textured dresses that come in multi-coloured dresses.  However we recommend you don’t go too complicated. 

Allow the texturing of the dress to be appreciated and focused on, so go for plain colours with great textures.  Other fab textures include puckering, ruffling and sequined. So make your statement with these fabulous textures and you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd!

Find perfect black clubwear dresses1 Clubwear DressesOne final trend to follow is a classic but it remains always in fashion.  Of course it’s the little black dress!  As discussed previously, black dresses for women don’t have to be boring.  So make yourself sexy with that perfect and flattering little black dress but accessorise it!  Wear great coloured heels and big stand out earrings to give the dress that wow factor we all want!

So there you have it!  This seasons trends to staying on track when picking out the perfect clubwear dresses.  Don’t forget to follow the three rules of clubbing dresses when picking out the dress either!  So get bold and get your glam on and have the best night out of your life with the girls while having all the confidence in the world!


To the glamorous life!
The Red Carpet Dress Shop Crew

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  1. Wilson Tiong says:


    Nice article for clubwear dresses. You are right it is hard to choose the clubbing dresses as no one want to wear the same as last time. Sometimes it could be a difficult decision on which dress to wear. Thanks for sharing the post!

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      Thanks for stopping by Wilson. The last thing we want is to definitely look the same all the time! Especially as social media documents everything these days!

    • Helen says:

      Hey Wilson,

      What kind of clubbing dress are you looking for? :-)

  2. Sue-Ellen says:

    Great article, so true to keep dress styles simple. The classic look is one of my favourite.

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      Its always good to stay classic, its going to stay in fashion and its simple and uncomplicated. Classic clubwear dresses are the way to go, thanks for stopping buy Sue-Ellen.

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