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Great clubbing dresses are something that all of us are on the search for when on a shopping spree for a great night out.  But what is it that constitutes a great clubbing dress?  It can be any number of things that make the dress fabulous, from its colour to its shape, or even the fact that its so different to what everyone else has on.

When shopping for clubbing dresses, most of us are searching for the combination of red carpet glamour with sexy, with the last intention being to make ourselves look cheap.  By following a few simple rules you can grab a great clubbing dress that still makes you look like you are worth a million dollars, whilst actually spending very little!

Three rules of clubbing dresses

cheap clubbing dress 225x300 Clubbing dressesThere are three great rules to follow when buying fabulous clubbing dresses.  Firstly, the saying “less is more” does not apply here.  Clubbing dresses should leave something to the imagination.  There is an old rule that dictates you should only show off one asset at a time.  For example if you are going to show your bust, don’t show too much of your pins and vice versa!

black bandeau clubbing dress Clubbing dressesWhen we look at the featured pictures of what some clubbing dresses look like, the picture on the right demonstrates a dress which is clearly breaking rule number one.  This dress shows a lot of bust, back, mid-line and bust, and overall looks somewhat cheap and nasty!  However without showing off everything, the picture on the left shows that clubbing dresses can be sleek and sexy by showing off one asset only (get your legs out girls!).

blue clubbing dress Clubbing dressesThe second rule of clubbing dresses is that sometimes you should splash some colour.  So many dresses seen in clubs now are just black!  Whilst black is slimming and sexy, it is often the only colour you see on girls when you hit the town.  So spice it up and get your flirt with a bit of colour on (even if its just a splash!).  Current great colours include red, green and bold blue.  So try it on and see how you stand out of the crowd.  You’ll be the envy of every woman, and you’ll be counting the times you hear “where did you get your dress from?”

The clubbing dress rule most girls forget

Finally the third rule is to accessorise! So many girls spend all their money on the dress that nothing is left to complete the look! (It shouldn’t be that way, learn how to find cheap party dresses)  Have a great clutch to carry all your bits and pieces in!  Don’t use your bust as “front pocket” for your I.D. and mobile phone!  Along with your clutch find some great earrings (big earrings are very in fashion at the moment) and a necklace (if it suits the dress you are wearing!)

great high heels to complete clubbing dresses Clubbing dressesGreat shoes are the key to completing a sexy clubbing dress!  Fabulous heels come in all colours, and they make your legs look great!  Just remember though if you are not used to wearing heels, they are not the best idea for a big night out as there is nothing worse than walking barefoot down the street after clubbing!  Instead invest in either a smaller heel or an incredible flat style sexy shoe or a wedge shoe!

By following these few simple rules: showing off only one asset at a time, splashing colour around and accessorising, you’ll be the centre of attention and the envy of every woman with your fabulous clubbing dresses!  So keep it simple, colourful and complete and you’ll have a winner outfit fit for the red carpet!

To the glamorous life!
The Red Carpet Dress Shop Crew

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  1. Lisa Wood says:

    Hello The Red Carpet Dress Shop,

    I so love night clubs and dancing. When I was younger with no kids! I used to go clubing every Saturday night and showing off with nice heels and a great dress was the hi-light of my week. So agree with that a dress should not reveal too much of ones body and leave nothing to the imagination!


  2. Kerry Lea says:

    Thanks for the tips on clubbing dresses, I agree it is best to show off one asset at a time. Although in my case I need to go neck to knee. I hate the idea of young girls putting their mobile phones in their bra’s, I think it could be a health hazard. I have already pulled my daughter up over it.

    • Red Carpet Dresses says:

      Lol Kerry thats a great way to put it! Phones in the bra are a health hazard! Thanks for stopping by!

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